Over the last year... - Emma Quintin
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Over the last year…

2016 was a phenomenal year for Emma giving her the chance to explore and create many different character roles!

The start of 2016 saw Emma co-host the family game ‘Mall of Fortune’ which ran across the UAE with great success.

Emma then went on to host the premiere of ‘My Little Pony’, ‘THE TRASHPACK – THE GROSS GANG IN YOUR GARBAGE’ and Warner Bros. LOONEY TUNES favourite “What Stole My Chicken?”

She also created the character of the fabulous Miss Fortune in the new stage musical ‘Miss Fortune’s Circus’ as well as the delightful Donna Dumpling in the pantomime ‘Magic Phil and the Gigantic Beanstalk’.

After her successful audition in 2015 for Warner Bros. Entertainment in L.A., the prestigious company approved Emma as a Warner Bros. actress and the official female acting talent for the MENA region. Emma continues to work as both female acting talent and presenter for the company.

Emma was honoured to be a part of the award winning pantomime ‘Magic Phil and His Arabian Desert Mix Up’ which was awarded Highly Commended in the Time Out Kids Dubai Awards 2016 under the category ‘Best Local Theatrical or Music Performance’.

Spring 2016 saw Emma’s review of the title: ‘DRAMA MENU – Theatre Games Theatre Games in Three Courses’, by Glyn Trefor – Jones published in the spring edition of The Journal of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama (STSD) WORD MATTERS publication.

To end 2016 Emma was asked back to co-host the popular family game ‘Mall of Fortune’!

Moving into 2017……

Emma is currently reviewing ‘The Working Actor, The Essential Guide to a Successful Career, by Paul Clayton’ which will be published in the 2017 spring edition of WORD MATTERS, The Journal of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama.

Emma enjoys making the most of holding dual residency states in the UK and UAE and continues to fly between the Middle East and Europe for performing contracts.

Emma is currently in talks with entertainment providers and production companies for upcoming projects across the UK and UAE scheduled for 2017 – 2018.