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DRAMA MENU – Glyn Trefor-Jones

DRAMA MENU – Glyn Trefor-Jones

With over 158 engaging exercises and one million possible menu combinations Drama menu is the A-Z handbook for effective teaching; an essential resource for anyone teaching drama to children of all ages.

Taking inspiration from a culinary menu, Glen Trefor-Jones divides the book into 3 courses: Appetisers, Starters and Mains along with a Dessert Section at the back as an additional treat!

This brilliant format which offers a rich and varied plethora of material enables teachers to combine exercises to create the perfect choice for their class knowing each exercise will be inspirational and engaging whilst maximizing the learning potential of their “actors in training”, igniting energy and enthusiasm along the way.

Drama Menu offers fast paced and energetic warm up Appetisers, Starters that are designed to challenge and express students’ creative freedom with the Main Course acting as the main body of the session oozing with creative ideas. Even the Desserts offer quick endings to lessons which require no preparation time, along with menu options for tried and tested classes ensuring 100% class effectiveness!

With catchy titles, clear numbering and individual exercise summaries Drama Menu is an easily accessible, flexible and creative resource useful for any dramatic platform.

A must have for all teachers wanted to give their students the very best!

Emma Quintin is an internationally recognised performer and educator, currently performing and teaching across the UAE. Emma is a qualified Speech and Drama specialist (LSDE Teacher’s Qualification awarded from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and is a member of Spotlight, Equity, STSD and DLT.

Please visit www.emmaquintin.com for further information.

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