Emma Quintin | Over the last year…
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Over the last year…

2018 was a diverse year for Emma, giving her the chance to explore many different roles within the industry.

The start of the year saw Emma voice the character of ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ for a live theatre show staged across the UK as well as co-present ‘The Krazy Kitchen’ as ‘Chef Mixy’; a two-hander comedy show for Dubai Food Festival which then successfully went on to play in different venues across the UAE.

In spring of last year, Emma wrapped on the independent feature film ‘LOUDER’ in which she played ‘Vicky Banks’ before moving on to be cast as ‘Marlene’ for a live screening theatre performance which launched the new Galaxy Note 9 phone for SAMSUNG for press and media across the UAE in the summer.

Emma ended 2018 as ‘Captain Sue Shi’ in Magic Phil’s ‘Lost at Sea’; a pantomime performed across the UAE.