Emma Quintin | Over the last year…
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Over the last year…

2019 was a diverse year for Emma, giving her the chance to explore many different roles within the industry.

She performed as many different characters including Chef Emma, Fairy Bright Light and Maha Mushroom for ‘Busy Little Hands’ and ‘Enchanted Spring’ at Times Square and then went on to host the Eid Party Celebrations at Mercato Mall.

Emma swiftly moved into presenting the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ UAE tour before moving straight into rehearsals for the touring production of J.B. Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’ directed by award winning director Patrick Sandford, where she played the role of ‘Edna’.

Immediately after this tour had ended Emma was fortunate enough to be asked to emcee for TOWN SQUARE PARK before ending the year playing the role of ‘Moley’ in TROUBLE IN THE WILLOWS.

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