Emma Quintin | The Working Actor – Paul Clayton
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The Working Actor – Paul Clayton

The Working Actor – Paul Clayton

Someone once said to me “You are only ever as good as your last job”.

With a professional career spanning over 23 years this has constantly been at the forefront of my mind and has encouraged me to find ways to grow, develop, challenge and nurture my skill set in this industry called ‘Show Business’.

The Working Actor has provided me with a plethora of substantial, stimulating and positive suggestions to further enhance my career opportunities and has left me feeling revitalised with energy and enthusiasm for my craft.  For this, I have the inspirational Paul Clayton to thank.

Clayton’s wealth of knowledge, expertise and humour is perfectly sewn together and serves as an essential guide for those new to the business as well as a valuable reminder for those already in the industry.

The Working Actor offers informed and practical advice to actors trying to make their mark in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  The advice Clayton offers effectively details the various elements actors are required to weave into work to foster success and maintain longevity within the industry. He also reminds us of the necessary daily input, focus, dedication and passion that is required to get out there and make a living out of the craft we love.

This book helps the reader to breakdown and understand the life of a ‘working actor’ through 26 subjects including how to minimise unemployment, manage relationships, the importance of resilience, maximising ones potential and setting SMART objectives.

Combined with a work task at the end of each chapter, The Working Actor clearly and effectively provides the reader with a comprehensive view of various the factors that influence an acting career, taking the reader on a journey of self realisation and soul searching as well as arming them with a toolkit for success and the mindset of always seeing oneself as a business.

Written with panache and gusto from a working professional with over forty years’ experience as an actor himself, The Working Actor is an essential read for those new into the business and a fantastic reboot for those veterans whose careers maybe in need of a little ignition.

Emma Quintin is an internationally recognised performer and educator, currently performing and teaching across the UAE. Emma is a qualified speech and drama specialist (LSDE Teacher’s Qualification awarded from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and is a member of the STSD and DLT.

Please visit www.emmaquintin.com for further information.

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